You’ve stumbled into Mr. Wilkinson’s – a leisurely site for perusing the goings-on of the oh-so-dapper Matt Wilkinson, saucy chef and owner of Melbourne eatery Pope Joan, the Pie shop and creative director for all things “Made from Gin” by Four Pillars Gin.  Gastronomic to the bone, Matt’s also a bit of a talker: peak inside his journal, hear about his food and farm-hopping adventures, and steal some of his recipes to pass off as your own!
Do it; he would.

In Matt’s first book, Mr. Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables, he describes his no-fuss, seasonal-driven approach to food:

“I build my dishes around vegetables in season because this is when they will be the cheapest, most readily available and, most importantly, taste the best.”

With a thriving vegie garden and two hooligans, Finn and Jay, to wrangle, Matt’s shenanigans these days are mostly confined to Melbourne, Australia.  Don’t let this lull you into a false sense of security though: he travels.  A lot.